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Faux Leather & Resin Coasters

Posted by Kelsey Costello on

Need more ideas to craft with faux leather? Here's one idea that worked out perfectly! Materials: Clear Casting Resin Square Coaster Mold (COMING SOON to FLFY) Your Choice of Faux Leather Silicon stick (or popsicle sticks - although those cause more bubbles in your resin). Please follow all directions for the clear casting resin you use, and wear protective gear. Crafting is fun until someone gets hurt! [Insert smile.] Steps: Measure your square coaster, then cut your leather. (When ours come in, we'll give you the measurements!) Depending on the thickness of your resin, you want to start with a...

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Earn Bow Bucks That Reward You

Posted by Brendan Costello on

Want a loyalty program that rewards you?  That helps you save money? Then you've found it here! Earn Bow Bucks for shopping, referring others, and for doing nothing, like on your birthday! The sign up is simple and so is using your Bow Bucks. Click the "Join now" button and create an account to start earning and saving!

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