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Faux Leather & Resin Coasters

Posted by Kelsey Costello on

Need more ideas to craft with faux leather? Here's one idea that worked out perfectly!


  • Clear Casting Resin
  • Square Coaster Mold (COMING SOON to FLFY)
  • Your Choice of Faux Leather
  • Silicon stick (or popsicle sticks - although those cause more bubbles in your resin).

Please follow all directions for the clear casting resin you use, and wear protective gear. Crafting is fun until someone gets hurt! [Insert smile.]


  1. Measure your square coaster, then cut your leather. (When ours come in, we'll give you the measurements!)
  2. Depending on the thickness of your resin, you want to start with a thin layer on the bottom of the mold. ***(Thinner faux leather needs more resin on the bottom. Thicker faux leather requires less. We did this with ultra fine glitter faux leather, double sided faux leather, and regular faux leather sheets. They ALL work!)
  3. Place your faux leather of choice on top of the recently poured resin. (Face the side of faux leather toward you that you want to be seen most often - facing up).
  4. Use a silicone stick to softly push down the faux leather, making sure it is flat and not raised in any parts. Also make sure that every inch of the faux leather is covered. 
  5. Let is rest for 24 hours. Then reveal your finish product! 

This is such a simple project that's great for personal home touches, for your shop, or gifts for anyone. (It's unique - not the typical soaps, hand towels kind of gift. You're welcome.) 

We hope you have as much fun as I did making these!

Happy Crafting! 


  • Thank you so much. This is a good ideal and I will definitely try.

    Natasha Skeens on

  • Thank you for all this useful information! I was wanting to use resin and faux leather but wasn’t sure how it would turn out. Now I can experiment!

    Shayla on

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