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About Us

Welcome to Faux Leather For You! (FLFY)

We are so happy that you have joined the FLFY* Family and Community, and supporting our small business. You're probably wondering who is behind it all.

FLFY was originally started by one man, Brendan Costello. He started in the beauty industry working with models, up-and-coming hairstylists, and a growing European hair care line.  Then, he became a daddy.  For two years he was a stay-at-home dad. Between the Cricut sitting in the closet and a little nudge from his sister, he was inspired to do something to continue to stay home. That's how he started Faux Leather For You!

His wife, Kay (and teacher) told him to not jump into anything, to wait on starting an official business. His time would come, just not now. She wanted to play it safe. Well, Brendan went from saying "Okay, we'll think about it and make a plan" to waking her up one day and saying he started it.

Little by little, Brendan put his whole heart into this. Soon, Kay came in as social media support and sidekick, while our little toddler, Oliver, came in ready to help too. (He now counts inventory, pulls orders, and types on the computer, so if you notice any typos or errors, we're still in the training process!)

The three of us love doing this! We love your requests, your kind words, and friendships. We hope to continue to provide you with amazing products and service. Thank you to those who started with us and those who are joining us! Here, you are welcome!


Happy Crafting from the three of us at Faux Leather For You!



*FLFY (pronounced "fluffy"!)